Signostics | Empowering Nurses With AI
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Uscan Empowering Nurses

Find out why 20% of hospital systems have switched to Uscan, the first AI-driven bladder tool.

Learn how Uscan’s industry-leading accuracy and ease of use can improve patient comfort and save money.

Uscan tablet with bladder

How AI-based tools can solve common problems in healthcare

If you’re listening to the healthcare industry, you can’t help but hear the rising buzz that is the coming influx of Artificial Intelligence – or “AI”– to take existing technologies to a new level, ultimately to drive down costs and improve patient care. But can this wide-ranging set of technologies truly change our industry for the better as it has in manufacturing, transportation, customer care and financial services?

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Case Studies

No More Broken Bladder Scanners

How one director of biomed engineering put an end to the madness

Cutting Down Foley Days and UTIs

Nursing Staff Loves Uscan's Ease of Use and Accuracy


Tired of fixing broken bladder scanners?

Allow us to disrupt that.

Don't Believe Your Bladder Scanners?

Allow us to disrupt that.

Have conventional bladder scanners reduced catheterizations?

Allow us to disrupt that.

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